Child Custody Lawyer

A child custody case often occurs when parents divorce or separate, or when one parent has cause to believe that the other is no longer fit to take care of the child. Whatever your situation, it’s important to take this case seriously, and this can be best achieved by hiring an effective child custody lawyer who has dealt with many cases.

Here are some other factors to consider if you’re trying to decide whether you need a child custody lawyer or not.


Financial resources

When deciding to whether to hire a lawyer or not, the most important factor is your financial resources. The cost of hiring a child custody attorney can be rather expensive, depending on several factors including the number of hours it might take to conclude the case, and the state where you live. You should find out how much a child custody lawyer may cost if you’re planning to hire one.


Complexity of Child Custody case

You may decide to hire a lawyer if you’re facing a difficult case that may involve many complex issues, including an interstate child custody battle. If you’re facing a difficult case and you’re unsure of representing yourself, you should consider hiring an attorney that specializes in complicated legal issues.

If you decide to represent yourself during a hearing, you should prepare for the case adequately so that you increase your chances of winning the custody battle.


Lawyer’s reputation

You may opt to hire an attorney based on his or her reputation at winning cases. If a child custody lawyer is experienced in handling certain cases, you may decide to hire that lawyer to represent you in a child custody case.

If you’re eligible for cheap or free representation, you should inquire into a lawyer’s reputation at winning child custody battles. You should also inquire into the attorney’s strategy for winning cases.


How a child custody lawyer might help

Custodial parents must go through several steps before getting child support. Determining custody as well as the amount of child support that must be paid may often become an ugly battle. A lawyer can help by ensuring that the proceedings go smoothly.

A child custody lawyer can also help represent the interests of non-custodial parents when determining paternity (if it’s an issue), as well as calculating the amount of support payments that must be paid.

Many states require that parents prepare a parenting plan outlining the details for custody and visitation. This may be an extremely emotional situation, especially if you’ve been through an awful divorce. It is best to have a lawyer by your side when making these important decisions about your family.