Divorce Law

If you and your spouse are considering divorcing, then you need to be aware of Colorado divorce laws. Why is it important to be knowledgeable about the divorce law in your state? The more you know about the law, the easier the entire process will be for you.


If you and your spouse have children together, then you should be aware that child support amounts are not determined by a percentage of the mother’s or father’s wage. It is, instead, based on the amount of money that the child would have had access to had you and your spouse remained together. For instance, if your spouse has always been the breadwinner, then he or she will pay more child support than you would be required to pay.

Property division

Deciding who gets what after a marriage dissolves can be difficult. You divorce attorney will inform you that in the state of Colorado, your division of property will be determined in an equitable manner. Colorado is an equitable distribution state, meaning that your property will be divided in the manner that the judge feels is fair.


The judge will take several aspects into consideration regarding the spouse requesting alimony before making a decision. The judge will consider the asking spouse’s level of income, the standard of living during the marriage, how long it would take for the husband or wife to find acceptable employment, the duration of the marriage, as well as the age and health of the spouse seeking maintenance support.

Marriage counselingHusband and Wife in Marriage counseling

Before you proceed to divorce court, if you feel that you are still in love with your spouse and don’t truly want a divorce, then it is important that you attempt marriage counseling to try to save the marriage first. Of course not every marriage can be saved, but it’s certainly worth a try if you are both in agreement that you would prefer to work on your problems instead of get a divorce.

As you can see, there is a great deal to consider when you and your spouse have decided to divorce. A divorce can be a very difficult experience, but if you and your spouse are 100 % sure that a divorce is what you both want, then as long as you are both knowledgeable about Colorado divorce laws and have good divorce attorney, then everything should go as smoothly as possible. There is no reason to behave non-cordially to each other because it will only make things more stressful.


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  4. My sons mother keeps stealing my money in the form of child support yet she
    uses it for herself and not him. Is there any way that I can force her to
    show that she uses the money for him and not herself. I’ve spend 120k so
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    is severely autistic so he can’t speak for himself. I had to even buy him a
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    protect him from the cold well enough.

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