Divorce Mediation

If your marriage is over, you should consider a divorce mediator. It can be the best approach for everyone concerned.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a method to help divorcing spouses communicate, cooperate, and reach agreements that are satisfactory to both spouses. In many cases, mediation is the preferred method when the couple has children together.

A divorce mediator is a neutral third party who assists the couple with their negotiations. The mediator does not actually make decisions for the couple.

How Is Divorce Mediation Different From Traditional Divorce?

In a traditional divorce, each person usually has his or her own attorney. This method does not foster good communication between the spouses, and makes it more likely for one partner to take advantage of the other.

The best interests of the children may not be taken into consideration, basing the children’s issues on a parent’s selfish wishes, money, or other factors.

In other instances, a spouse may take the do-it-yourself approach to divorce. When a child’s future is at stake, this is never a wise approach. The spouse may be taken advantage of simply because he or she does not have a lawyer.

In mediation, spouses agree to work together toward agreements that are beneficial to everyone concerned. The couple, assisted by the mediator, can work out agreements for such issues as child custody, child support, and visitation.

What Are The Benefits Of Divorce Mediation?

One benefit is eliminating the need for a long, bitter court battle. When divorce is difficult for a couple, it can be extremely traumatic for the children. Mediation can be the start of a healthier, happier future for both parents and their children.

A second benefit is reducing the risk of changes in the future. While changes may be needed in some circumstances, divorcing spouses are less likely to hire an attorney in the years ahead because they were not satisfied with the initial outcome.

Third, relationships amongst the family members can be better in the future if ending the marriage includes mediation. Parents who must cooperate with each other for their children’s sake find it easier to do so when they are able to reach amicable agreements.
Divorce mediation is less expensive, less time-consuming, and less emotional than a traditional divorce. It is something you definitely should consider, especially if you have children. Everyone can benefit, and move on to happier lives.

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